Aloha! Co-Host a Retreat with me. We are booking into 2025. Only a few weeks left in 2024!!!

If you are a Wellness/Holistic Practitioner and would like to Co-Host a Retreat with me on a private 3 acre property in O'ahu, Hawaii, please contact me.

***Your stay and flight will be provided by me at no cost. We will discuss your daily fee that you will receive for your daily workshops during our Retreat.

We can customize any retreat together. Most of my Retreats are spilt into two sections, mornings and afternoons. You can have the morning into the afternoon for your workshops with the group, then I can take the group and tour the island for the afternoon until Dinner. Or vice versa. Whatever works best for your workshops. Check out Private Retreat section to see the activities that we can do.

All my retreats are at least 7 days, and they will include 3 meals a day with transportation to and from all the adventures around the island.

I will be taking the group around the island to explore and connect with the energies and see what the tourist usually don't see. My tours are more for adventure and nature/mindfulness. You will be able to take the rest of the afternoon off to enjoy the island on your own, or you can join us on our adventures. It's like having your own vacation in Hawaii with doing something that you love.

I will take care of the chef, activities and transportation. All you will be doing is your daily workshops in the morning to afternoon. Leave everything else to me! You will have your own room with an option to bring a guest to share in your room. I will pay for your flight, 3 meals a day, and your stay. Extra guest in your room will just pay for the daily meals and their flight.

It will cost you nothing to come to Hawaii to Co-Host a Retreat with me.

Contact me to set up a call. Check out my Facebook page -

O'ahu Retreats